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What is Tendering?

What is the process of Tendering

The cycle from the issue of an Invitation to Tender upto Contract award, is known as Tendering, forming the core of a Contracts Engineers responsibility. It is a step by step process in the conclusion of a Contract, based on established principles and procedures that is supposed to be fair and affording equal opportunity to all participants.

Most often a Tender process ends in a Contract being awarded to the successful Tenderer, based on its Tender. In general terms, a successful Tender is one whose:

  • Bid is complaint with ITT requirement;
  • Technical Bid is found acceptable;
  • Completion duration meets ITT schedule;
  • Tender is contractually compliant / does not have exceptions to the T’s & C’s or any exceptions initially offered upon negotiations are acceptable;
  • Tendered price is the lowest in comparison;
  • Other factors.


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