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Tender Opening

All Tenders received under a Competitive Tendering process should be opened in accordance with approved Tender Opening Procedures where Tenderers are to submit their Tenders in a sealed envelop. Further, all Tenders must be opened on the same date and at the same time, that a minimum of three or two individuals from different departments must be present to witness the opening and recorded in a formal, signed and stamped document the “Tender Opening Form”.

In small value Contracts and where there is minimum or no chances of variation to the terms of the ITT, un-sealed Tenders could be invited as, the time value of such an extended process could far exceed the benefits of a sealed Tender process.

Upon opening, the Tenders should be immediately checked for general conformity with the ITT requirements. Any obvious deficiencies in the submission should be reported to the Tenderer as soon as possible i.e. within a certain minimum working days of receipt of Tenders. Other deficiencies which become obvious during the Tender evaluation period should be reported to the Tenderers as soon as practical thru numbered Tender Clarifications and recorded for Contract conclusion.

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