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Tender Evaluation and Contract Award

Evaluating a Tender submitted in a fair, equitable manner and most importantly on a like-for-like basis, in accordance with approved criteria, corporate policies and procedures is known as Tender evaluation. All these ingredients are important from the point of view of selecting the best value for money.

In spite of best efforts and provisions in the ITT’s, it should be recognised that it is not always possible to obtain a clear and unqualified Tender for an automatic like- for-like comparison. It may thus become necessary in such instances to enter into an exchange of correspondence with Tenderers during the Tender evaluation process to assess the significance of qualifications. Where appropriate or desirable, elimination of as many qualifications as possible should be attempted before concluding the evaluation process.

Care should be taken that this process of elimination of qualifications does not give rise to a negotiation on Contract terms or conditions which may prejudice Client 's principles of competitive Tendering.

Some of the considerations and steps are elucidated for a better understanding of the principles underlying the evaluation process.

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