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Tender completeness check

As soon as the Tenders are opened, the Contracts Engineer should carry out a check on completeness of the Tenders received i.e.:

  • Ensure Tenders are signed by the official power of attorney holder of the Tenderer company;
  • Ensure Form of Tender as required under the ITT is received;
  • Ensure all terms and conditions of the ITT are either accepted or are qualified clearly by the Tenderer;
  • Ensure validity of Tender is as per ITT provisions;
  • Bid bond, if any, is received and is in the format requested;
  • Confirmation that the Tenderer shall submit required Performance Bond in the format required under the ITT, is available;
  • Confirmation on submission of required Insurance certificates / policies either at award or prior to assuming risks;
  • Mark-out the “fine prints” or “small prints” added by Tenderer on ITT documents for detailed review later;
  • Other checks on completeness of the Tender
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