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Site Visits / Briefing of Tenderers

Collective meetings with Tenderers during the Tender period is neither normal nor a practice generally recommended, for obvious reasons. However, where the nature of the Works/Services is such that certain aspects of the scope require further explanation or necessitate a visit to the site to view the location and/or restrictions, a site visit/Tender clarification meeting should be convened and all Tenderers should be invited to attend. The visit should be conducted after allowing sufficient time for the Tenderers to review and examine the ITT documents for making the visit purposeful. Details of such meeting should preferably be included in the letter of Invitation to Tender.

During the site visit/clarification meeting, sufficient time should be allowed for a question and answer session. The Q & A session should be chaired by the Contracts Engineer and should have the responsibility for issuing Tender Bulletins at the earliest possible date after the site visit confirming formally, answers to questions raised such that the contents of the Tender Bulletins are clear and deemed to form part of the ITT documents.

The number of personnel visiting the site by each Tenderer should be limited to those necessary, to enable the Tenderer to take into account the physical limitations of the site. There are a number of viewpoints on whether the costs of site visits especially to oil & gas installations where the visits are thru expensive chartered flights/choppers should be charged to the visiting Tenderers or should be borne by the Client.

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